Easy Ways to “Spring Clean” Your Website

We hate to tell you this, but your website probably needs some spring cleaning.

It’s looked the same for months, maybe even years now. Same images, same content, same information. It’s time to switch things up a bit. While you’re spring cleaning the office, you may want to consider applying the same love to your website as well.

The Buckeye Interactive team created a list of quick & simple ways to give your website a new look without too much time or effort.


Your website is a living, breathing marketing material and content is perhaps a website’s most important asset. Make sure that it’s up to par with the following 5 quick improvements:

  • Make headlines meaningful: Be sure to change any vague or cutesy headlines to something more up-front and meaningful.
  • Keep the reader engaged: Make sure that your current content gives visitors a reason to keep reading throughout the entire piece; otherwise, you need to spice things up a bit.
  • Structure content persuasively. Restructure your content so that it’s more focused, specific and credible.
  • Tell visitors what to do: Revise your site to ensure that people know exactly what the next step is. If you want a visitor to click a link, tell them.


Google Analytics

Install Google Analytics to measure traffic to your website. If you don’t already have it, you should. For more information on Google Analytics, visit Sarah’s blog post “The Power of Google Analytics: CENTS 2013.”


  • Make sure all your website’s plugins and modules are up to date so that your website is running properly. Check out Steve’s newest invention, Gravity Forms Duplicate Prevention Plugin.
  • Change the password to your website to help prevent unauthorized access and hacking.



A new set of icons (social media, form elements, etc.) can be a great way to implement a subtle face lift.



It takes a great deal of time to re-design an entire website, but here are a few ways to easily change up the design.

  • Reorganize the layout of content
  • Switch up boring standard fonts with web fonts. There is a plethora to choose from and they can do wonders for blocks of text.
  • Replace old images with new images if possible.



Have you been keeping your blog up-to-date? One or two new blog posts each week will consistently keep your content flowing and fresh. It also gives people new reasons to visit your site. If there is always a new, interesting topic on your company’s blog, visitors will return to check for updates and appreciate the fact that you are connecting and interacting with them.


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