Why is UX/UI Important?

User experience and user interface also known as UX/UI is a part of everyday online experiences. However, many people are unfamiliar with exactly what it is. Buckeye Innovation has two team members, Tony Todoroff and Rachel Scott, who are very well versed in the realm of UX/UI and they have answered some common questions people have. 

What is UX/UI?

User experience is all about how a user can get from step A to step B when using an app or website. Making the product or app as easy as possible to engage with is the goal. User interface relates to making a product or app aesthetically pleasing. 

What are some examples of UX/UI?

Some examples of UX are intuitive icons, placement of buttons, and easy navigation between pages. Some things that fall under UI are typography, colors, buttons, form fields, and iconography.

How can UX/UI be implemented?

Any kind of UI work requires creative software. Some examples of this software are Sketch, Figma, and Adobe. Figma is arguably the most popular. While this software is easily accessible it does require a level of understanding to use. A lot of research is required to create a great user experience. Understanding the user and common design practices are very important. For example, many websites and apps have a settings button in the upper right-hand corner, straying from this popular design choice would make a user’s experience more difficult.

What are the benefits of creating better UX/UI?

Trying to create a better user experience and improving user interface can result in easier navigation, better functionality, increased user engagement, and increased user retention. Additionally, it can create a feeling of trust between the user and the company which in turn can build customer loyalty. 

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