tony todoroff
tony todoroff

Tony Todoroff

Senior Visual Designer

Look around. What do you see? Chances are, whatever it is, a designer designed it. It’s that level of omnipresence that entices and excites our resident designer and creative lead Tony. Originally from a very small town in the “thumb” of Michigan, Tony now proudly calls Columbus his home. Art and creativity are at the core of who he is, and he leverages that passion to create stunning web experiences.

When he isn’t in “design mode,” you will often find Tony watching horror movies (70s and 80s stuff are his preference), gaming with his friends, listening to records, or otherwise taking it easy living a pretty simple life with his wife and child (a rambunctious Morkie).

He’s also plays the synthesizer, so you know who to hit up when you need ambient outer space sounds and other electronic music wizardry.

A true believer in delivering the best results possible and in cultivating a positive and fun company culture, Tony has become a visionary leader at Buckeye Innovation, one who is eager to make the Internet a more attractive and user friendly place, one website or app at a time.

“Everywhere and always ugliness has its beautiful aspects; it is thrilling to discover them where nobody else has noticed them.” – Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec