Diversity Commitment

Bringing greater equity to our society.

Buckeye Innovation’s mission to amplify the impact of innovators and entrepreneurs means we look to changemakers from all walks of life for important impacts we can amplify.

No one fits in at Buckeye Innovation. We do not have a typical employee on our team.

We seek team members who align with our mission and contribute uniquely to our culture. Each of us is unique, and we encourage team members to bring their whole selves to work. Drawing from all lessons learned from our diverse backgrounds and perspectives, our team’s work and personal lives are enriched and more fulfilling.

For those considering working with Buckeye Innovation in any capacity, we ask that you consider what unique perspectives you bring to the relationship and what we can do to celebrate and leverage the power of our diversity. We want to fully include you in our mission, and together we will amplify positive impacts to bring greater equity to our society where we need it most.

We commit to...

Job Applicants

Seek diverse applicant pools, valuing unique work experiences and backgrounds.

Team Members

Foster an environment that encourages bringing your whole self to work with your authentic identity (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, neurodiversity, etc.)

Clients & Suppliers

Partner with diverse organizations representing unique perspectives and audiences.

End-Users of Our Software

Build accessible, user-friendly software that empowers all users.

The Community

Engage with diverse stakeholders to ensure our work benefits our community holistically, and use our Buckeye voice to speak out about important issues