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Website Development

A project’s integrity lies within creating work that is sustainable to maintain. Our web development services allow for topline growth and lead generation. The products we create optimize performance and usability for both our clients and their consumers. Our website development and design teams work collaboratively through each stage of your website. This means you never have to worry about a detachment between having a website you can edit yourself and having a captivating design that tells your story.

Application Development

Buckeye’s application development services allow you to thrive and operate more efficiently. Our solutions are effective, customizable, growth-driven, and uniquely built for your brand’s challenges. We write software that integrates multiple systems together to help you be even more productive. The web and mobile applications we engineer have the power to automate processes that are otherwise labor and resource intensive, or error-prone. We won’t present you with an “out of the box” option.


There’s a fine line between form and function, and our designers manage to walk it every single day. Buckeye Innovation’s design team works to create brand impressions that are strategic, consistent, and intriguing. Your design will speak to your brand’s story and move it closer to your overall brand vision. By utilizing Buckeye Innovation’s design expertise, you will have an aligned visual style and system that is fully tailored to your needs. Through open communication and discovery, our team will parallel the professionalism and tone of your project with stunning visuals and an interactive digital experience.

Content Strategy

There is power in our words. Our content strategy experts will help you harness that power and collaborate with you to make sure you have a clear direction and a sustainable plan. Through thoughtful strategy, our content team captures your brand voice and creates compelling, actionable content. By auditing and employing a number of tools to monitor keywords, SEO, trends, and other factors that may impact the experience, we’re able to find the best content solutions for you. As a result, your messaging will translate seamlessly across multiple platforms, including social media and email marketing. We create content that resonates with your target audience and the parts of your business that truly define you.

Infrastructure Management & Support

Our attentive support team manages and ensures the high performance and uptime of your websites. So, you can be secure in the fact that we are proactively monitoring for issues and addressing them with the goal of you not even noticing. Our aim is to be highly responsive to your needs, while showing uncommon speed and agility in the work we do. We always have developers working on both 24/7 support escalation and weekly support rotation. The cost of us maintaining your web servers will be lower than in-house hosting due to our specialization and automation. And like going to the doctor for your yearly checkup, infrastructure management is a preventative measure in order to ensure your site works smoothly.

Site Building

Our site builders work closely with our content strategists, designers, and web developers to build the best site to fit your needs. Utilizing user-friendly tools such as Elementor, the sites we build are easy to edit and intuitive for both the user and administrator. Once your site is completed, our site builders provide your team with training, so you can be completely self-sufficient when you want to make your own updates.


Wireframes are our jam, user flows are our lifestyle, and we dream in storyboards. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay. What it means is that your users will have the best experience possible when they interact with your site or app. We will research, study, and strategize to apply the best concepts and principles to your project, so you never have to worry about how your end product functions.

Project Management

The Buckeye process is a finely-tuned machine, and our project managers are the oil that keeps things running smoothly. More than just points of contact, our project managers coordinate each and every detail and task. From start to finish, they will keep track of the budget and scope of work,  and also ensure delivery of the project in a timely manner. Our project managers also assist with development, testing, troubleshooting, and deployment. Additionally, they will keep you apprised of crucial details and developments regarding any services. And in their capable hands, you can be certain that not a single detail will be overlooked. Thus, the finished product will be exactly what you need.

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No matter the industry, no matter the challenge. Our services will help you grow and make a positive impact on the world.

You might be wondering if we're able to serve your company's unique industry. The answer is "Absolutely we can."

Here’s a snapshot of industries we’ve worked with — and the list is growing every day! 

  • Libraries
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial/Banking
  • Medical/Health
  • Non-Profits
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Education
“Partnering with Buckeye Interactive has been exactly what my business needed. Their excellent communication and product expertise have allowed us to create amazing experiences for our customers. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”
Corey Thomas, Founder
“Buckeye Interactive has been a significant partner with us for building a strong program and a strong brand. They really helped us execute these goals quickly and successfully.”
Neil Collins, Marketing Director
Innovate New Albany
“I am getting feedback that the public loves the design and how clean it is, and I am hearing that people are finding it much more user-friendly and that more people are using the site. The website has been a very effective communication tool. I would work with Buckeye Innovation on future website projects based on their professionalism and the results we have been seeing.”
Jane Hawes, Marketing Director
Delaware County Ohio
“Buckeye Interactive helped us transform how we were presenting our Products pages to our customers. The new template informs and engages our different audiences about our product in ways we weren’t doing before. We’re so pleased with the results and so are our website visitors!”
Tom Skoulis, CEO
braXos Security Software
“Thanks to Buckeye’s adaptability and the team’s talent, curiosity, and dedication, we launched the best possible version of Opportunity Port. Throughout the project, Buckeye worked tirelessly to understand the legal services environment and record sealing, which is not an easy feat because there is no clear one-size-fits-all solution. Even so, they never wavered when we encountered roadblocks and were always in the trenches alongside me because they believed in the mission of the work as much as I did. I might have been the customer, but most of the time I felt like a team member and a collaborator. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for having worked with Buckeye on this project. They made all the difference.”
Hannah Miller, Project Manager
Opportunity Port
“We’re almost to a year with the website and it has been fantastic. For the first time EVER I’ve been able to update all the programs and dates for the new school year myself. WordPress has allowed us a flexibility and timeliness to web updates that we’ve never had before.”
Sue Tenney, Education Coordinator
Ohio Energy Project

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Personalized design that molds to what you need.

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Simplifying event registration and the user experience.

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A site that’s intuitive, clear, and modern.

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