A team. A family. A force.

At Buckeye Interactive, we’re all about growth, individually and collectively. That simply means we care. We care about each employee’s successes and struggles alike because we want to make sure each of us is in the prime position to work and live and grow. We love all of our differences, and we embrace them. Our company culture is focused on inclusivity, respect, and trust.

We’re not only allowed to be ourselves–we’re encouraged to be nothing less.

Working at Buckeye Interactive means everyone gets to contribute. From intern to new hire to president, we’re all heard. And not only do we listen, we implement new suggestions and solutions every day. We aren’t a rigid or strict working environment because we know true quality and true fulfillment come from contributing and collaborating. That said, each of us has the ability to pursue our passions by taking the lead on a project or initiative. It’s empowering.

Plus, Buckeye Interactive offers great employee benefits, such as health insurance (vision and dental included), a retirement plan with matching contributions, paid time off, and professional development funds!

We really believe that flexibility is one of the keys to success for small businesses and startups. At Buckeye Interactive, we must be flexible and adaptable to changes because meetings change, websites glitch at the worst times, projects and their scopes are adjusted, and other unexpected things happen. We could let all of these stress us out and create a negative environment, but because we’re flexible, our attitudes remain positive as we constantly seek the best solutions for ourselves and our clients.

On top of that, we have very flexible working schedules to ensure our employees can create healthy balances between their professional and personal lives. Our employees can work remotely from anywhere they desire, they can have days off whenever they need them, and they can go to any and all events they deem useful.

It is our mission to facilitate meaningful change and growth in ourselves, our company, our clients, and our community. We want to be innovators who never stop thinking, creating, collaborating, or supporting because that’s how we make an impact. We are constantly evolving to be the best versions of ourselves professionally and personally, individually and collectively. Through entrepreneurship and innovation, we become a technology innovation partner, a small but powerful business, a team of inspiring individuals whose goal it is to make an impact.

Through entrepreneurship and innovation, we become Buckeye Interactive.

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