5 High Quality Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

With WordPress development being such a large community of people there is a flood of free themes available to everyone to use and download. It can be hard to weed out the bad from the good so I have compiled a list of five high quality WordPress that are 100% free to use for your own portfolio.



A theme from Padd Solutions this is a high detailed business orientated portfolio theme. A very clean and slick overall look this is an easy theme to incorporate for your small business to get it off the ground.

Download it



A no frills minimalistic theme, and that’s why I love it. With horizontal scrolling within single post portfolio pages this looks nothing like a normal WordPress theme, which will make it easy to make it your own.

Download it



A release from WPShower this is a theme I personally used in the past for my personal portfolio site. A theme that puts a great emphasis on your work it is great for you design/photography folk. Takes just a few minutes to install and get your work online, well supported with video documentation to get you up and running.

Download it



An elegant clean theme released from Carbon Nine it is a great starting point to showcase your work. With a more complex and dynamic slider on your home page it certainly stands out from the crowd.

Download it




A very unique look this is a WordPress theme that all together does not look like a WordPress theme.  Swiss has  a very good layout and organization to show off your past and present work to potential clients.

Download it

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