5 Ways Buckeye Interactive Builds a Cohesive Team

For Buckeye Interactive, collaboration is not just a team value; it is a process that we practice in our office every day. Throughout the week, there are times when various teams meet to work on a project. It is necessary for our team as a whole to cohesively work together. Every company is different and will have a specific process for developing a remarkable team. Nonetheless, here are five ways Buckeye Interactive builds a cohesive team.

Establish a vision and mission.

Our vision here at Buckeye Interactive is to be “the most recommended technology innovation partner for growing businesses and organizations.” Recognizing a clear vision and mission is vital to a team; it sets the standard and helps cultivate our daily goals. Moreover, it helps to identify our purpose as a team. And ultimately, our vision and mission is a key motivator and great reminder as to why Brad established Buckeye Interactive.

Communicate effectively.

“A team cannot be cohesive if communication is ineffective.” This statement is so true. Communication can make or break a team. Because we juggle multiple projects at once, it is necessary to communicate and clarify responsibilities, as well as address any questions or concerns. It is important for our team to be transparent with projects. Therefore, our team utilizes Slack, a communication hub, to keep track of our internal discussions. Slack is a great source of communication for small companies like us.

Bond as a team.

For a team to be cohesive, members of that team need to work well together. For Buckeye Interactive, we build and maintain relationships within our office during lunch or team outings. Bonding allows the team to learn more about each other outside of work. In addition, it builds camaraderie to work more efficiently on projects.

Encourage feedback. 

Feedback is big here at Buckeye Interactive. TINYpulse is a way we document our feedback. Every Wednesday, TINYpulse sends out an update with a question about how we feel about our work environment. All team members are able to anonymously answer the question, enabling the team to be comfortably transparent with their answer. Additionally, every few weeks, we send out evaluations for the team to give feedback on a specific team member. These evaluations give insight into the aspects that the team member does well and aspects that they can improve on. All in all, we have the opportunity to give and receive constructive criticism to make the work environment better.

Celebrate success. 

We have an exceptional team! When we accomplish the goals we set out, it is always good to celebrate those moments. Celebrating success shows that you not only appreciate the time and effort the team puts in, but that you also value them as well. Recently, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. During that time, we acknowledged important individuals and clients within the community who have helped Buckeye Interactive along the way. Ultimately, it’s important to celebrate the successes the team achieves together because it’s rewarding and fun!

Every day is filled with new opportunities. And with new opportunities come new challenges. As we continue to grow as a company, we will continue using these 5 methods to build a cohesive team. Moreover, we will continue finding innovative ways to improve our process!

Comment below other ways to build a cohesive team within a company!



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