An Entrepreneur’s Experience with Google Glass

President of Buckeye Interactive, Brad Griffith, recently purchased the brand new Google Glass. Although he’s only had it for about two weeks, here’s what he has to say about his experience so far.
So far I am less than 2 weeks into the Explorer program, so I haven’t yet developed my own Glassware apps or thoroughly utilized Glass at work.  Glass is our first wearable platform on which we plan to develop.  I wear Glass every day, though I do take it off for one-on-one conversations.
In the near future, I envision using Glass as a heads-up business intelligence dashboard, allowing me to reference key business metrics without distracting me from my work.  This will require some custom development work, but I plan to be able to review month to date sales, collections, accounts receivable, project health overviews, employee utilization rates, and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) from Glass without going to multiple reporting systems.  It will also provide me with reminders about who is and is not reporting time or completing client issues promptly (issue aging reports, employee time delinquency) so that I can address the issues in casual conversation rather than in a harsh email.
I also see great opportunity for Glass as a developer productivity tool.  If I can get application health information or real time performance monitoring alerts through Glass that alert me to failed software builds, degrading server or application performance, or other issues without pulling me away from my work, efficiency will improve.  I won’t have to check email for server downtime alerts, and I can more quickly respond.
The lack of apps (Glassware) is currently a major limitation, and for many, the lack of prescription lenses prevents them from using Glass.  Battery life is also a concern, sometimes only lasting half a day on a charge.
I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that having, utilizing, and customizing Glass has substantial business development value.  It’s a fantastic conversation starter, and more importantly it shows our company’s thought leadership and foresight when I can discuss with someone several uses of Glass that would make their business more productive.  I love having conversations with strangers about what life changing applications Glass has for them–it shows that we can use a technological tool and some creativity to solve real world problems.
Have you used Google Glass? 
How is it beneficial to your work?

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