Be A “Glass-Half-Full” Person!

In other words…be positive! I was recently at a local chamber meeting where the director asked small groups of attendees (in about 60 seconds) to come up with a phrase that they would teach a parrot to say to them every morning as they greeted the owner. The majority of the groups came up with very positive responses, like, “have a great day” or “make it a great day” or “you look great today”.

My point is, always look at the bright side! We all live in a fast paced, busy world where most of what we hear, read or see can be considered negative or “bad news”. There are a lot of really “good” things going on around us that never get reported or mentioned. Always look at the “upside” of something that may not seem so positive. If the stock market goes down 150 points on Monday and inches back up 200 points between Tuesday and Friday, all we hear and read about is the Monday crash…when in fact, the net gain is 50 points for the week.

Try to do your best to say nice things to the people around you! And…make it a great day!

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