Behind the scenes of a website redesign: project management

While content strategy, design, site building, and development all work on their pieces of a website redesign, it’s our project managers who keep the big picture in mind. We talked to director of project management, Lorraine Shill, to find out how our project managers keep our redesigns on track.

What does a project manager typically do during a website redesign?

A project manager sets up the project in Asana, Slack, Quickbooks. We monitor the project scope, timeline, and budget. We work closely with the project lead (PL) and project team to develop the project timeline. The project manager monitors the progression of the project to make sure the team stays on track, within scope and budget. We support the PL and project team however necessary. We send invoices at the start of each sprint. And we schedule project kickoff meetings and sprint demo meetings. 

How does project management collaborate with the other areas, like design, content, site building, and development?

The PM works closely with the PL and project team  in a Servant Leadership role. We allow the team to do their work, but we’re ready to support and assist the PL or team members in any way. 

What does your process look like? And what’s your favorite part?

I rely on Asana, our project management system, to keep the projects organized and on track. I really enjoy setting up new projects, creating the timeline and laying out the project boards in Asana. 

How do you help to keep a project on track?

Asana and the project timeline.

What does your relationship with the client typically look like during a project? And the team?

I join all project kickoff and demo meetings. I’m available to support the PL with any client related needs or team related needs. 

Once a project is completed, then what? Is there opportunity for project management to continue to be involved in support?

Yes, in our company PM stays involved through support as well. We create the support project in Asana and keep track of their support points and proposal details. We also help to assign a Client Lead on the project. 

Anything else you want to add about project management?

To be a successful project manager a person needs to be highly organized and capable of multitasking. No day is the same or boring which I really enjoy. 

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