Buckeye Interactive’s Story: The Beginning

Buckeye Interactive’s Story

The saying goes – “Behind every successful company is an astounding team.” But more importantly, that astonishing team needs to be built. And the key to that is the leadership of the company. Vision and passion are the two catalysts that inspire an exceptional leader. For Buckeye Interactive, Brad Griffith has turned his vision and passion into reality. As we prepare to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we would like to reflect on the inspiration and significance behind Buckeye Interactive.

The significance behind the company name

The company name–Buckeye Interactive–derives from Brad’s Ohio roots. He was born and raised in the Dublin area. As a proud Ohioan, Brad believed that it was essential for him to celebrate his mid-western values. Hence, the name “Buckeye.”  Moreover, because all the work the company does is interactive work (digital website design, development, mobile apps), Brad established Buckeye Interactive as the company’s registered trade name.

Where the inspiration came from and how we position ourselves

Brad has a passion for helping others achieve their goals. More so, he believes that small businesses are the heart and soul of the economy. Brad developed his passion for assisting small businesses at such a young age. His father, Dr. Donn Griffith, owned a veterinarian practice for more than 40 years. As a child, Brad witnessed first-hand the obstacles that small business owners face.

Brad recognized that in having a small business, many rely on freelancers, family, and friends to assist the company. However, when those small businesses are ready to scale up, they invest in larger agencies to serve them. Brad noticed that there was a gap between those freelancers and family members that can support small businesses and those large agencies. From there, Brad developed a vision where he aspired to fill that niche and serve growing innovative companies with affordable, high-quality services. Furthermore, he wanted to establish a company where he could revolutionize the way entrepreneurs and innovators operate their companies.

Innovation is the core of what we do at Buckeye Interactive. For Brad, innovation is creatively exercising initiative to resolve problems in new ways. Every day, our astounding team is working to collaborate and provide the best services for our growing clients.

About the company

On May 1, 2009, Brad established Buckeye Interactive as a company, with three core values and a mission. With an innovative mindset, we strive to offer value with high-quality services in small, affordable packages for growing businesses and organizations.

Buckeye Interactive began with Brad in a small cubicle across from our main office. It wasn’t until 2011 when Brad hired his first employee. Since then, Buckeye Interactive has moved to a larger office space, has grown to a company of 13 employees, has created more than 200 solutions, and has made an impact on several parts of the community. 

Buckeye Interactive’s story makes us proud every day. We will continue doing the work that we do, and we are so grateful for all of the people who have helped us along the way. That said, we hope you’ll come to our open house, and celebrate with us!

If you have not registered for our 10th anniversary, there is still a chance for you to do so. We would love for you to be a part of our celebration. RSVP here!



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