Celebrating Our Interns on National Intern Day!

Our favorite day of the summer has arrived AGAIN. National Intern Day. 

National Intern Day is the perfect day to celebrate the wonderful experience and views our interns bring to our organization. After all, we probably learn more from them than they do from us! 

This summer, we were fortunate to bring on board two college interns. 

Stephen Akanbi – Videographer Intern

Stephen AkanbiGrowing up an immigrant in the neighborhoods of Cincinnati, Stephen was taught from a young age how to connect with people unlike himself. His visions of altruism were his impetus to find a medium to share his experiences and for others to share their own for the greater good. That’s when he stumbled upon video content creation. Now, Stephen enjoys creatively telling stories that aim to inspire and positively affect their viewers.

Stephen has been such a great addition to the marketing team at Buckeye Interactive. His most recent project was the Buckeye Interactive 10th Anniversary Video.

Education: Bachelor’s in Digital Media Collaborative 

Krishna Sai Mullapudi – Software Engineer Intern

Krishna Sai MullapudiKrishna was born and raised in beautiful India. He received his Bachelor’s in Electronics and Instrumentation and a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Dayton. Krishna loves to cook Indian food, enjoys riding his bike on the weekends, and loves travelling. Additionally, he is a self-taught developer, and he loves solving programming puzzles in his free time.

Krishna has been such a joy to have on the Buckeye Interactive Engineering team. His most recent project was NJY Camps, which is a “Laravel” Web App.  

Education: Bachelor’s in Electronics & Instrumentation, Master’s in Computer Science

In addition to our college interns, Buckeye Interactive had the pleasure of hosting 2 New Albany High School students for their shadowing and internship experiences. Ritika Sunkara and Christina Duong both joined Buckeye Interactive’s Engineering team. During their internships, they were able to see the inner workings of all things dev! 

As the rest of summer unfolds, our interns will continue working on prospective ideas within their own areas of interest. It is always our mission to provide our interns with as authentic and valuable experiences as possible. We want to help each intern grow, learn, and advance in their professional careers. If you’re interested in interning at Buckeye Interactive, contact us! We’d love to have you! And for more information, check out our internship video below.

Our interns really do make us proud to say, “The future is bright.” 


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