The Buckeye Team is excited to be participating in the Professional Work-Study Program at Cristo Rey High School. Through this program, we are assigned four high school students who work one full day each week and rotate Fridays. Our students have made quite an impact on our business development by running website performance audits and investigating potential new clients. We are excited to share what they have learned at Buckeye Innovation thus far.


While working with Buckeye Innovation I have learned that communication is important. If you don’t understand a request or an assignment, you can always ask for help or for clarification. For example, if I didn’t understand an assignment, I would ask Brad for help. If he isn’t available, I ask someone else. Another thing that I learned is that everyone that works for Buckeye Innovation is understanding. If you can’t make it to a meeting or you can’t make it to work because you are not feeling well, they understand that this happens. They don’t get mad at you for it. I am grateful for being able to work with such kind people.


I’ve learned quite a few things while working at Buckeye Innovation. I now know how to check the performance of websites and learned what nomenclature means. I’ve also learned how to use some functions in Google Sheets. Most recently, I’ve learned how to compress images so that they don’t use up a lot of space on websites. I’m very thankful for being able to work with people that share the same interest in computers as me.


In my time working with Buckeye Innovation, I have learned many things. This includes how to check websites for errors, their speeds, and any potential fixes we can make to them. Furthermore, communication is very important and a common thing we practice. Whether we have a question or need to share the workload, communication is key. Since we only work one or two days a week, we only have so much time to finish the daily assignment and pass it on to the other student. I have learned that teamwork is the most valuable necessity for working in such an important company.


What I have learned from working at Buckeye Innovation is not all websites are made the same. With this information, I know now people will pay for any service that benefits them in the long run with sleek and professional looks. Testing websites has shown me flaws in websites I would have never seen before. I’ve come to the realization that the best skill is self-teaching with a sprinkle of daily innovation on top of developing those skills into actual works of craft. Regardless of my struggles, I am very grateful to work with an up and coming company such as Buckeye Innovation.  

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