Emerging Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Emerging Tech Trends to Watch in 2019; sunglassesFor the web-design world, 2019 promises to be an exciting year. We will see growth and increased usage in some of the newer web design and collaboration tools, such as Sketch and the Cloud. We will also see the implementation of emerging technology, such as virtual reality, in website design.

Here are a few tech trends that will impact how websites are designed and how users interact with them:

  • Sketch is a vector-based design tool used primarily by designers to create websites, icons, and user interfaces. It allows for collaboration from any location via Sketch Cloud (think Google Docs), and its vector-based design allows for easy editing. Plugins help extend Sketch’s functionality and make it even more flexible for website design.
  • Cloud utilization will continue to grow. Many technology tools are using the Cloud for across-the-globe collaboration. Others are utilizing the Cloud for document storage. And many businesses are using it for shared computing services. The Cloud allows for 24/7 access and encourages collaboration.
  • We will begin to see the intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and web design. We are already seeing the creation of apps that use VR in a way that is useful and supports customer involvement. We’re not far away from the day when your potential customers can experience your product or service online using VR.
  • Everyone is watching what happens with data security and personal information collection. As we stated in our “Tech Trends that Defined 2018” blog, we have not yet felt the impact of the GDPR. In 2018, we saw an increased awareness and transparency around what data is being collected. In 2019, we anticipate that we will see more activity including investigations as the grace period for notification has passed.
  • Mobile optimization performance will still be a focus. Google is using this performance as an indicator to gauge where websites should appear in search rankings. Companies are turning to mobile indexing to help their rankings in Google search.


These are just a few trends we will be following this year. Watch this space as we will be updating you about the impact these trends have on the work we do. What trends are you following this year?


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