Finding New Content for Your Website

There is still power in the written word.

Are you publishing fresh and original content on your website? Doing so gives your audience a reason to come back and learn from you in addition to providing SEO value. But how do you do it?

You may not have to spend hours creating new content. Check to see what you already have and try approaching it with a different way of thinking.


Below are some suggestions for where you might find existing content that you can add to your website.

News Releases: Are you issuing news releases? If so, are they on your website? As we stated in last week’s blog, there is still value in issuing news releases, and these releases should live on your website. Not only will this provide additional information to website visitors, you will have a link that you can use if you want to refer it on social media.


Connecting Social Media: Are your social media channels easily accessible on your website? Linking to the content on your social media sites allows visitors to see that they can access your information via other channels. Ask yourself if there is anything on your social media channels that should be on your website. Maybe you have a great informational video on YouTube that you can use. Also, think about adding share buttons for all the wonderful content you are now posting to your website. Allowing your visitors to easily share your content helps spread brand awareness, drives traffic to your website, and even increases your social media followers.


Thought Leadership Pieces: Has your company presented at any industry conferences? Have you prepared educational pieces, white papers, or infographics for your clients or as part of your sales efforts? Add these materials to your website to promote thought leadership. It allows you to showcase your strategic thinking and leadership abilities, positioning your company as one that people want to do business with.


Blogs: Yes, you probably already have a blog. But how consistent are you at providing new content? According to Forbes, you should be publishing good content at least once a week to establish a core of regular readers. If you are providing high-quality content that meets your reader’s needs, they will keep coming back. Additionally, any of the pieces listed above could easily be repurposed into a blog post.

By being aware of the content you already have, you will find you have more original content than you realized.


With some slight modifications, these items can be added to your website, giving your visitors a reason to continually come back and share your information.

Finding new content for your website might just be easier than you think. Happy hunting!


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