Columbus CEO Future 50 Class of 2020!

We love sharing good news with our community of support. And we have some great news to share today! 

Brad Griffith, our leader and president, has been selected to be one of the inaugural members of Columbus CEO’s Future 50

For the past few months, Columbus CEO magazine has been accepting nominations to find those people who “aspire to make Columbus the great American city of the upcoming decades.”

The magazine describes these people as “professionals, public servants and entrepreneurs whose voices are rising. They are up-and-coming leaders already making a difference with bold ideas, creativity, altruism and achievements that will define our region as it evolves.”

Columbus CEO says on its Future 50 article, “We here at Columbus CEO couldn’t be more thrilled with our inaugural class of Future 50 leaders. We are excited to welcome a diverse group of people who are big-hearted innovators committed to making Columbus a world-class community.”

And we couldn’t agree with them more as to Brad’s selection. We know first-hand how much Brad cares about this city, and we see him live that every day.

And the best part? This award requires creative thinking, dedication, and motivation. So, Brad and the 49 other Future 50 members have some work to do. This group will come together to create and complete a project that creates meaningful and quantifiable change in Central Ohio. And this project must embody the Future 50 core values of achievement, altruism, boldness, creativity, and inclusivity.

“I am surprised and humbled to be part of such an amazing group of leaders and go-getters,” Brad says. “I am looking forward to developing a program that will really make a difference in this region. And I’m excited to see what our group will come up with!”

This annual program will kick off in January with a special 13th issue of Columbus CEO that will celebrate the inaugural Future 50 class. It will also share members’ ideas about how to move the region forward. 

The talented, smart, and successful group will definitely inspire us all! Brad feels honored to be a part of such a pioneering and forward-thinking new initiative. 

And we are very proud of him! We are excited to see what great things the inaugural Future 50 class comes up with. We know their ideas will benefit the city and region we love.

Stay tuned for updates as this class meets and makes progress. Also, we sure to check out our website for future blog posts! We’ll keep you informed.

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