How to Navigate your Company’s Team Lunch

sandwich tomatoes lettuce and eggs in yellow lunch box16% of employees say coworker relationships is a contributor to a positive employee experience (Globoforce) 

And where are coworker relationships primarily built? At team lunch. 

Team lunch is exhilarating to think about, but also a bit scary. What will you talk about today? What if the topic is something you can’t relate to? Or what if you’re having a little trouble relating to your co-workers because you don’t know what to discuss?

Because we have a smaller team, we are used to eating lunch together most days of the week. We’ve gathered some things you can talk about with your team to contribute to a healthy company culture and a light hearted lunch room table convo. 

Ask Open-Ended Questions.

  • But why do you like the Browns so much? 
  • Why did you choose to move to this city?
  • What exactly do you like about cilantro?  

If you’re finding it challenging to connect on certain topics, we suggest staying up to date on trends. That is – what’s going on in the entertainment world, political world, musical world, etc. You don’t have to know a lot about a subject matter, but knowing a tidbit here and there will help you ask on-topic questions and keep you from being completely in the dark. 

Talk about the Entertainment Industry.

  • Which one do you think will end up on top? Netflix or Apple TV?
  • What shows is everyone watching right now?
  • I want to see a movie this weekend, but I don’t know what to pick! Any suggestions?

Share yourself with your Team.

We would never recommend you mold yourself just to be accepted. Let your authentic self shine through. Those who matter will appreciate it! And team lunch is just the place to do that!

  • I was going to go to bed at 10 pm yesterday, but I ended up binge watching the rest of Raising Dion on Netflix. *tears* What series should I add to my watchlist?
  • Is anyone else ready for autonomous cars to become the norm already? I really don’t want to have to think about gas pedal to break pedal to steering wheel ratio while driving. 
  • Does anyone else sing Hollaback Girl by Gewn Stefani when spelling “bananas”? “B-a-n-a-n-a-s!”

When all else fails, talk about work!

Team lunch doesn’t always have to be about non-related work topics.  

  • I saw that our new Wellness Program encourages us to workout. What kind of workouts is everyone doing? My couch is currently my workout program. *more tears*
  • Why is there a random black desk in our office and everyone else’s is white? 
  • I never see anyone water our plants. How do we manage to keep them alive? *insert nervous chuckle*

Do you have some fun team lunch topics to add to this list? Tweet them to us! 

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