Incorporating Twilio API into Client Project

I’m really excited about one of our new clients and the technology that we’re going to be able to create for them.  The project is going to give me a good excuse to incorporate Twilio’s API!  There are some competitor’s out there but I’ll outline the reasons why I’m excited to use Twilio and where to go for more information if you want to try out Twilio.

It’s pretty.

The reason I’m excited most about Twilio is that their website makes a complicated matter, telephony API calls, seem easy. And they are. Everything from Twilio’s pricing structure to their code examples makes the information easy to read and comprehend. Having a well-layed out websited makes a huge difference when visitors come to a company’s site. Twilio has spent a lot of time making their website easy to navigate, understand and use. We can all take a lesson from them.

Code examples.

The hardest hurdle to overcome for a developer when learning a new technology is where to get code examples and peer support. Twilio has many great ‘Getting Started’ tutorials that show you how to use each of their features: SMS messaging, calling, conferencing, etc. If that doesn’t satisfy your nerd thirst, the entire project is hosted on GitHub.  When the tutorials aren’t enough, Twilio has a great online community for finding answers to questions. It is one of the most used telephony APIs on the market.


Twilio has a very simple cost structure. They give you $30 of free credit when you sign up. That means you can receive 30,000 calls, make 15,000 calls or send 30,000 text messages before you even pay a dime!  Think of all the fun you could have!  This gives a new meaning to phone freaking!

I can’t tell you exactly what we’ll be doing for our client but I can say we’ll be leveraging Twilio on a global scale. Hopefully we can write another post about our success story in the future.

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