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Eating lunch at Buckeye Interactive is an essential aspect of team bonding. Unlike most companies, our team eats lunch together Monday through Friday. Eating lunch together gives us the opportunity to catch up on our lives outside of the office and discuss various topics of interest. For example, an entertaining subject our team likes to talk about is the HBO series, Game of Thrones! Typically, every Monday we eat out at a restaurant within the New Albany or Columbus area. Monday team lunches also give us the opportunity to celebrate birthdays or milestones each of us reaches individually and collectively. However, Tuesday through Friday, we order in for lunch. When ordering in, we use various online delivery platforms. Here is a mix of the platforms we use as well as the top five restaurants we eat from!


DoorDash is the primary delivery platform we use to order in. The website is user-friendly and easy to accommodate all our orders. DoorDash makes group ordering easier. We can send a link to the group, and each person can add their order directly. Additionally, DoorDash has a neat tracking feature, which provides live updates on the delivery location and arrival time.

Along with DoorDash, we have used two other delivery apps called Seamless and Ezcatering. Seamless has similar features as DoorDash. But unlike DoorDash, Seamless does not track your order. Instead, Seamless sends a confirmation email. However, Seamless does offer the ability to “Express Re-order” a past order, which allows you to re-order a past order, a very convenient feature to have. Ezcatering, on the other hand, lists popular restaurants like Marco or Jimmy John’s, but also various catering restaurants in the Columbus area, such as On the Border Mexican Grille or Sunny Street Cafe. Of all the restaurants listed, there are five we frequently order from, and here’s why!

Our top five restaurants:

  1. Panera is our go-to restaurant. It has an array of healthy options and offers different serving sizes. When in the mood for a good soup and sandwich combo, Panera is the way to go!
  2. Asian Taste or Chai Tai are two great restaurants we order from when we have a taste for East Asian food. It never disappoints!
  3. Chipotle–who doesn’t love Chipotle? When we can decide on a place as a group, Chipotle is a happy medium for everyone. If we’re being honest, we eat Chipotle at least once every week.
  4. Piada satisfies that carb and pasta craving. It is a good mesh of healthy and comfort food.
  5. Jimmy John’s is a quick option for our team. It is the epitome of a classic lunch!

Essentially, lunch is a time to relax, regroup, and refresh. It is the only time we can take our minds off of work and focus on the team. It is the time when all judgment is put to the side, and we all have the opportunity to indulge in food or sweets that team members bring in. Our love of food is one aspect that bonds our company together. However, it is not the food we eat that bonds us but the time spent engaging in conversation. That is the key. The conversation is what brings value to our lunch each and every day!

If you think this is an environment and culture you’d like to be a part of, check out our Careers page! Also, take a look at our YouTube channel for an in-depth look at who we are. As always, comment or contact us with any questions you might have!

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