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Welcome to our blog. Hopefully you’re reading this because you own, manage or work for a small business, or you’re interested in online issues that affect small businesses.

If we do our job well, readers will find here some great tips for creating, building, managing and marketing your website. In fact, you will probably find plenty of tips about creating, building, managing and marketing your company. The web provides countless opportunities for increasing revenue and decreasing costs, but I’ve found that a web presence needs to be tightly integrated with your offline operations in order to get the most bang for your buck.

Brad Griffith, PresidentMy name is Brad Griffith, and I am a small business owner as well as a web developer. After a decade of developing websites personally and professionally, I started my own interactive agency in May of 2009, and I left my last “full-time” job in July of 2009. Corporate America taught me some very important lessons, and I will always remember my time as a development team lead at JPMorgan Chase as a great example of web development at a huge corporation. I have also spent time working for small businesses including New Product Innovations, an engineering design and contract manufacturing firm, and Go Big Network, a successful online community of startups and investors.

I have an educational background mixed between Business (MBA) and Electrical & Computer Engineering (bachelor’s). I love solving real-world business problems with innovative technical solutions, typically utilizing the web–though I was known for rigging up some fascinating automated electro-mechanical test systems in my engineering days.

As a small business owner, I know it can be difficult managing all aspects of your business at the same time: accounting, legal, marketing, HR, etc. We wear many hats, spin many plates, and juggle many balls–you pick your metaphor. My job is to advise you on the most efficient ways for you to use the web to drive profitability by increasing revenue and/or decreasing operating costs.

My agency, Buckeye Interactive, specializes in small business web development and interactive marketing.

Hold me accountable. Let me know how I’m doing by posting in the comments or by contacting us directly.

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