Meet Our New and Returning Summer Interns

Tony (far left), Amara, Raymond, Tosha (far right)

Summer is a great time to catch up on the great reads you have been savoring and knowledge you have been excited to gain. This warm-weather season in Columbus, Ohio is home to four great interns with Buckeye Interactive, who are all prepared to provide the best service to the company’s clients. We love our summer interns and want you to know more about them!


Tony Duco

Tony is a junior at The Ohio State University, studying computer science and engineering.

He is a Web Engineering intern at Buckeye Interactive, working on internal and client projects. As a new summer addition to the Buckeye team, he has enjoyed managing and improving server infrastructures.

Tony enjoys playing basketball and video games with his friends when he is not writing code. While in high school he won Cardinal Health’s fuse hackathon at the college level. Also during that time, he placed second at The Ohio State University’s hackathon.


Amara Leggett

Amara is a 17-year-old junior in college currently transitioning from Florida Institute of Technology.

She came to Buckeye Interactive as a Marketing Intern to learn about social media marketing and expand her knowledge about building a reputable brand. She enjoys receiving challenging tasks from the team that requires external research and creativity.

Amara is also a blogger and motivational speaker regarding how she graduated high school and college at 16 years old. Specifically, she discovered her passion for speaking around the country after she spoke at TEDx New Albany about how to develop a plan and make the impossible possible.



Raymond is a sophomore at Brown University and a self-proclaimed technology enthusiast.

As a returning Web Engineering Intern, he enjoys working with the Buckeye Interactive team on internal and client projects and looks forward to learning a dozen new things a day. In addition, he has previously worked on an internal time tracking application with fellow intern Tony Duco.

In his spare time, Raymond bakes plays the piano and violin. Not to mention, he also likes to skim through 200–300 tech news articles a day.


Tosha Studmire

Tosha is a graduate of Cleveland State University’s MBA program, where her degree focused on marketing.

She chose to come to Buckeye interactive in order to learn marketing skills and apply the knowledge she gained in her MBA program. At Buckeye, Tosha is working on marketing strategy for the company as they enter in a new season of growth. Prior to coming to Buckeye, Tosha worked at Cleveland State University where she helped first-generation college students and underrepresented minorities obtain health-related degrees. In her spare time, Tosha enjoys working out and spending quality time with her family.


This summer, Buckeye Interactive’s new and returning interns will be expanding on prospective ideas within their own areas of discovery.

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