Meet our summer 2021 interns!

This summer, seven talented interns have joined Buckeye Interactive: a new record for us! We’re enjoying working alongside these valuable members of our team. Their contributions and hard work deserve recognition.

We want to make sure we aren’t just meeting our interns’ expectations, but exceeding them during their time with us. So, we asked, “What do you hope to learn during your internship with Buckeye Interactive?”  We thought we’d share their answers here, to help hold us accountable to them.

Mehul Rao

I hope to learn how to work effectively in a team and manage multiple different projects at once. I also hope to learn different programming languages and techniques that are used in the real world.


Kennedy Watkins

I hope to learn how to create a small website. I’m also interested in learning how to market an online service or digital product. I have experience with selling tangible products so I’m curious about what goes into selling an online product. I also want to use this opportunity to learn about other careers in the STEM field.

Sarah Tucker

I hope to learn as much as possible during my internship. Buckeye Interactive is a great atmosphere and culture to be a part of. I believe that my time here is going to be meaningful in terms of the work that I am able to do. I wish to learn how a company with such strong values is able to bring those into every aspect of their work and allow clients to feel those values through the products and work that they are providing them with. It is great to know that I am not only an intern, but also someone who is valued at Buckeye Interactive because of the work I am able to do that will help the company serve its overall mission!


Herman Muguluma

As a software engineer intern, I’m so excited to learn new skills and be exposed to enterprise projects and technologies that will enable me to expand on my problem-solving skills and gain new experiences. I hope to collaborate with other team members so that I can learn from them but also build a network of friendships/connections. There are so many elements that contribute to the functioning of a company like Buckeye, I’m interested and curious to know how the company runs, as this is something you can’t know without being inside the company.


Joey Hilber

I hope to expand my knowledge of programming languages, best practices, and how a team works together to solve problems and offer solutions for the web. I’d also like to dive more deeply into the roles user interface and experience play. Buckeye Interactive makes it easy to become exposed to the many facets of web development. Because of this, I hope to learn which areas are the best fit for me.


Lauren Pennington

I hope to learn more about user experience and how I as a designer can bring design elements and functionality to the table. I’m very interested in web design and how it can benefit the client and the user experience. I’m looking forward to creating prototypes and wireframes and starting my journey in the field of UX design.


Madeline Rooney

I hope to expand my knowledge of web design and assist clients in communicating clearly and effectively. Being very interested in web development and all that goes into making a final product, I aim to gain a strong understanding of Buckeye’s process. While here, I am also eager to learn more about WordPress and how I can personally develop in building websites.


Contact us  if you’d like to be a BI intern! We’d love to hear from you, and we’d especially love to work with you.

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