Meet Our Summer Interns

Interns are only useful for making coffee.

Just kidding, we love them. And this summer, Buckeye Interactive hired three new interns. Meet them here.

Alex LiChen

Alex is a senior in high school who loves everything creative. He came to Buckeye Interactive looking to learn about web design, from concept creation to development, and also to put his own design skills to the test. His favorite part about Buckeye Interactive is learning from and working with the team.

Outside of Buckeye Interactive, Alex enjoys creative pursuits like photography, drawing, painting, music and writing (especially writing articles in third person about himself, *cough cough). He is also a Captain of his school’s robotics team. He has a dog, Apollo, and his favorite color is turquoise.

Clay Mallory

Clay believes they never should have made a Matrix sequel. His favorite color is #000099 (a dark blue) and he likes cheeseburgers.

A junior in high school, Clay came to Buckeye Interactive to learn about development, as he has always enjoyed programming and computers. Since arriving, his favorite part has been working with CSS to design websites. He also enjoys team lunches on Wednesdays.

Tyler Brown

A senior in high school, Tyler is interning at Buckeye Interactive to get a head start in the field of Computer Science. He likes to explore new technologies and enjoys the work environment and team members at Buckeye Interactive.

Tyler’s hobbies include piano, swimming, cross country, and piano. He can read and write Mandarin and is ambidextrous. His favorite movie is Avatar, and his favorite color is blue


These three students will be working with us all summer. From learning strategy, web design, and development to working on various projects, they are already doing great things!

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