Buckeye Interactive Movember Update: Week 1

We just wrapped up our first week of Movember and the Mustache Auction. Over the two weeks the auction was running we raised $422.71 in pledges (though I’d by lying if I said some of those pledges weren’t mothers being protective). It’s a good start towards our goal of $1800 by the end of the month.

Now, the moment some of you have been waiting for, the results of the Mustache Auction!

This month Brad Griffith, our President, will be rocking “The English” as he meets with clients, gives presentations, and helps lead Buckeye Interactive. I’m sure his wife and daughter are…thrilled.

Josh Costello, one of our developers, will be showing off “The Horseshoe” for a total of $40.01 in pledges – he missed out on the coveted “Mo’ Bro’s Choice” by a penny!

Friend of the company Chas Manning was able to escape the fate of “The English” with a strong showing of pledges on Friday, also totalling $65.70, securing him the “Mo’ Bro’s Choice.” When asked about what kind of mustache he’ll choose to grow, he responded “I’m not sure yet, but I’m going to make it creepy ;)”

Ryan Todoroff, brother of our designer Tony, will be wearing “The Chevron” for the next few weeks as he continues his studies at the University of Detroit Mercy. He tied Josh in raising $40.01 for Men’s Health during the auction.

Finally, I lucked out and landed the “Mo’ Bro’s Choice,” meaning I will also be rocking “The Chevron” (a.k.a. the “Ron-Motherfreakin’-Swanson”).

Ron Swanson is so giddy he can barely contain it

Thank you so much to everyone who made pledges over the last two weeks. If they haven’t already, the Mustache Auction Mo’ Bros will be contacting you to arrange payment through their Movember pages.

For our Mo’ Bros, the faces of whom are looking pretty sad this Veterans’ Day, here’s “How to Grow a Mustache” with Nick Offerman:

As a side note two developers here in Columbus put together Movember Madness in support of Movember. Check it out to vote for your favorite mustaches on celebrities, historical figures, and more. There also may or may not be a face from the Buckeye Interactive team in there somewhere, see if you can find it!

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