spring 2023 buckeye innovation retreat

Spring 2023 Buckeye Innovation Retreat!

Last week, our team had the opportunity to once again get together in person. We enjoyed the Buckeye Innovation retreat in November so much, we decided we needed to do it again, and soon. And we’re so glad we did! It was such a fun, productive time, and so great to see both new and familiar faces.

The spring 2023 Buckeye Innovation retreat was a day shorter than our fall retreat, so we made the most of our time. During this retreat, we reviewed our financial update, comparing where we’ve been and where our trajectory is taking us. We brainstormed new ideas for client engagement, even putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes with some roleplaying exercises. The team went over our mission and discussed how we might want to update it. We even got updated team headshots taken from one of our partners, Molly Mickley. And we definitely enjoyed meeting the new teammates we’ve brought onboard since the last retreat. Our team is growing, and we’re so proud of the things they’re accomplishing!

Of course, like last time, we had a TON of fun. We opened the retreat on Thursday night with a team dinner at BrewDog New Albany. This time around, on Friday, we spent the majority of our time in Antrim Park in Columbus. When we weren’t getting down to business, we were socializing, playing games, enjoying the park amenities, doing crafts, and having fun in the hot but gorgeous weather. Our retreat ended on Saturday with a team breakfast.

It was a great time seeing everyone at the spring 2023 Buckeye Innovation retreat, and we’re excited about putting some plans into action. We’re also looking forward to the next one. We can’t wait to see how much we’ll grow and what kind of impacts will be made by then!

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