Last week, we had the amazing opportunity for the team to fully come together in-person at our first annual Buckeye Innovation retreat in Columbus, Ohio! Since 2020, we have been completely remote, with team members all over the country. So our time together at a team retreat was nothing short of wonderful.

Of course, since we were all together in one place, there was an element of business planning during the retreat. We had our quarterly meeting, where it was revealed that in Q3 of this year, we had our third highest revenue and fourth highest profit quarter. Our year to date revenue by the end of Q3 surpassed our entire 2021 revenue! This was a testament to our team’s focus and commitment. We also recognized some huge milestones. These included the implementation of the 4-day work week, which contributed to a 37% increase in weekly productivity. We had four new hires, and currently have two open positions. Finally, we discussed our goals for 2023–both on a team and individual level–and ways we plan to reach them. It was enlightening, empowering, and honestly, just plain fun to brainstorm together as a team and discuss ideas and strategies. We’re excited to apply these discussions to our work going forward.

We were also thrilled to be able to interact with several of our clients in person at our client happy hour. It was excellent to see everyone outside of the computer screens! We were also able to see in-person the impact some of our clients have on the community by spending all day Thursday at Easton Town Center, holding meetings and attending the Celebration of Learning gala at Columbus Metropolitan Library on Friday, and by participating in restorative yoga with Healthy New Albany. These three clients, as well as all the rest of our clients, work hard to positively impact their communities. It was an honor to see how they operate and the difference they make in real-time.

And of course, we had a LOT of fun! We were able to think outside of the box by participating in an escape room. We enjoyed rock-climbing, zip-lining, ropes courses, and ninja and obstacle courses at Play Columbus. Most importantly, we laughed, we exchanged ideas, we learned more about each other, and we grew closer together.

Overall, the Buckeye Innovation retreat was a fantastic time, and we’re excited to bring the things we talked about back to the home offices and apply what we’ve learned. We’re looking forward to coming together again in-person soon. And we want to thank all of our team members and all of our clients for our success–you are the reason Buckeye Innovation is able to amplify the impact innovators have on our world.

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