It’s official. Buckeye Interactive is now a company. It wasn’t the legal work or employees that made it official but the new desks!

We bought our own furniture last week and quickly got it assembled and set up shop in our new office space. We’re still in the same building but just down the hall. With the company doubling since I joined, we quickly outgrew our old office and it’s furnishings. While it was fun to scrounge together all our previous furniture from wherever we could find it, it was just as much fun putting the furniture together as a team. In no time at all we had an assembly line going and all the desks came to life.

This week we get to look forward to painting the walls and getting some dry erase paint also. We’re getting so good at office renovation that we may need to create a side business assembling desks! Okay, okay, we won’t quit our day jobs.

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