On 2020, Community, & Gratitude from Brad Griffith

Friends of Buckeye Interactive,

This is a perfect time of year for reflection and gratitude, and despite its many unique hardships, the end of 2020 is no exception. Our world is still in turmoil over a global pandemic that has hurt far too many families and has disproportionately affected some of our communities’ most vulnerable populations. An economic recession has crushed industries while others flourish. But these strange times have put extra emphasis on the value of relationships with family and friends. I sure hope after this is in our past we all remember how much we have missed each other and that we show our appreciation and gratitude regularly.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how all growing businesses and organizations deserve an opportunity to thrive, and I want to be a part of helping everyone. I know there are many organizations and individuals with unprecedented challenges this year, and the inequity of those is concerning. It leaves me feeling heartbroken for those who are suffering, motivated to look for ways to help, and grateful for how lucky and blessed we are at Buckeye Interactive.

Locally, my family and I are trying to support some of the local businesses we love. You’ll be able to tell from this list that my wife and daughters love art and music!

Here are some of our favorites who could use your support:

I would encourage you to find local businesses–especially those that are women and minority-owned–and spend your money there. I know they will appreciate your support.

Speaking of gratitude, you have mine. Your support and partnership have helped us grow and maintain our impact over the years. Our team has come so far together in the past year, adding 3 new team members and quite a few exciting new clients. We have built upon our work with many of our favorite long-time clients as well. This year, we were able to give back financially to more organizations in larger amounts than in past years, all because of your support. Our community needs us all to get through this, and I appreciate that you’re working together with us to get our community through the pandemic.

I wish for you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with health and happiness. I hope I can be at least as good a friend to you as you’ve been to us. I’ll be thinking about you as I celebrate the holidays and a fresh start to a new year, and I would love to catch up with you in the new year.


Happy Holidays!


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