Stockers Improve Company Culture!

Some of the best start-up companies have a great culture at its core.  We’ve all heard the stories about how Zappos, Southwest Airlines and Google built their company cultures. I think it’s time Buckeye Interactive through our hat into the ring!Free lunch for everybody! Well, not exactly. However, we can do one thing all the aforementioned companies did well – make the workplace fun. As a way to interrupt the hard-core coding sessions, I took it upon myself to have a little fun ‘Stocking’.Stocking is a new fad on the Internet that I plan on involving everybody here at BI. It’s a comical way to make fun of stock photos. Next time you find a stock photo that is so ridiculous, I hope you think of Buckeye Interactive. We promise we won’t give you stock photos on your site. And if we do, they will only be the really, really funny ones.

If you have any stock photos you want the team to recreate, send them our way and we’ll try to recreate them and we’ll post it to our social outlets.

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