The Power of Google Analytics: CENTS 2013

I was recently asked by Ohio SBDC to give a business track presentation at CENTS 2013 on Google Analytics. While I’m not a seasoned public speaker by any means, the power of Google Analytics is easy to get excited about.

Much too often, the Buckeye team meets with clients who are not taking advantage of the web analytics tools at their fingertips.

Managers are either:
A. Not measuring or analyzing their web traffic at all.
B. Constantly spewing reports which are ignored, rather than used to identify problems with their site or opportunities for business growth.

My mission when giving this presentation was to give a high-level overview of what I think are the most critical portions on Google Analytics.

Visit the link below to read my presentation and learn more on Google Analytics.

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In short: it directly benefits our clients and allows them to truly own their site.

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