What it’s like to be an apprentice at Buckeye Innovation

Did you know that Buckeye Innovation regularly works with apprentices looking to make a move into the web development industry? One of our apprentices, Anjelo Pina, just recently finished his apprenticeship, and wanted to share his experience.

My apprenticeship at Buckeye Innovation has been nothing short of a positive experience! Despite the initial title of Software Engineer Apprentice, I was encouraged to learn any aspect of the web and application development business that piqued my interest. This included business development. Having the opportunity to explore multiple tech career paths and contributing to projects that promote equity in the community has been incredibly beneficial to my professional development.

I quickly discovered that Buckeye’s values aligned with my own, which has been great in terms of work-life balance. From the start, the team has been warm and inclusive, making me feel welcomed and valued. Their pride in their work and eagerness to knowledge share is motivating. Further, it’s created an atmosphere of support and mentorship.

My fascination with web design and technology is undeniable. However, as I became more involved in business development I discovered value in growing Buckeye Innovation’s visibility and connection to the community. I found an opportunity to pursue my passion for relationship building and strategic problem-solving. Buckeye leadership supported this passion. While I still love technology, this shift has ignited my desire to explore a career that combines my growing technical knowledge with my enthusiasm for forging connections and driving success through creative solutions.

As a Business Development Apprentice, Buckeye has empowered me to bridge the gap between technical teams and non-technical stakeholders, thus enabling effective communication and delivering valuable solutions. The brainstorming sessions, idea exchanges, and also strategic planning have become some of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Working alongside our talented team inspires me to discover the next exciting project to expand our portfolio by showcasing our skills and helping to amplify the impact of innovative businesses.

As expected, I certainly encountered various challenges that come with a learning role. With a 4-day work week, I had to be intentional with my time management to ensure meeting deadlines and meeting or exceeding client expectations. Adapting to new technologies and workflows was a valuable growth experience. It’s also reinforced the significance of organization and effective communication. Navigating these challenges strengthened my skills and prepared me to excel in the fields of software engineering and business development.

As I look ahead, I carry with me the invaluable experiences, skills, and relationships gained during my time at Buckeye. This journey has also laid a solid foundation for my continued growth and success. Being an apprentice at Buckeye Innovation has been a pivotal chapter in my professional career. I’m excited to embrace new possibilities and challenges with the knowledge and inspiration I’ve gained along the way.

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