Buckeye Innovation Website Redesign

Ingenuity, initiative, and collaboration in action.
about buckeye innovation website redesign

The Challenge

Following Our Own Advice

We love designing websites. We love helping our clients create the most user-friendly experiences possible. Strategizing, planning, and collaborating: that’s our jam. We’re constantly talking about the importance of an updated website with our clients and partners. And the fact is, when it comes to our own site, we’re no exception — in fact, we should be leading the charge.

Our biggest challenge with the Buckeye Innovation website redesign: time. As our director of project management, Lorraine, so accurately put it, “It’s like being the hairdresser who does everyone else’s hair but their own.” With our focus being primarily on our clients, our own needs could sometimes fall to the wayside. But as we talked amongst ourselves, we realized our site was just as important as those of our clients. It’s a representation of us, who we are, what we do, and how we can most amplify the impact of those we partner with. Our last refresh was in 2019, and we were due for a revamp.

So, with that in mind, we dove in and got to work.

buckeye innovation website redesign

The Process

A Complete Collaborative Effort

We treated the Buckeye Innovation website redesign the same way we treat those of our clients: it started with a stakeholder interview with our leadership team. After gaining some valuable insight from them, including goals and new items they’d like to see on the site, our content team got to work on the content audit. The content team came up with a series of recommendations, tweaked the navigation (including adding some new pages), and revamped some of the content and messaging.

Our design team, meanwhile, created a beautiful new refreshed look, highlighting our core of innovation. They also actively worked to make sure the design was accessible, allowing for a wider audience to find the information they need on our site.

Our site builders utilized Elementor in every element of the construction of the site. This was a change from our previous site, which utilized a few different site building platforms. Elementor’s ease-of-use was a no-brainer. We wanted to ensure anyone on our team would be able to update the site whenever needed, rather than relying on only a few knowledgeable teammates.

And finally, our dev team worked to ensure the site ran smoothly.  They collaborated with each team member to troubleshoot any issues, work through some custom development, and launch our site successfully. They’re also helping us build a few new innovative features we’ll be adding to the site at a later date. We can’t wait to see the final results of that endeavor!

buckeye innovation website redesign

The Impact

More Options, A Better User Experience

The new Buckeye website still has a few more exciting things in the works. But we’re so excited about where it is in comparison to where it was. We streamlined in some areas, and added in a few others. Our primary goal was to make sure our site was more intuitive and everyone could access the information they needed. A few new things that can be found on the site are:

  • A completely refreshed, updated look, utilizing the accessiBe tool to make our site more accessible to all.
  • A Culture page and a Diversity Commitment, so our users can do a deep dive into our values.
  • A Buckeye Process page, so potential clients can know exactly what to expect when they start a Buckeye project.
  • A Resources page with links to all our favorite tools that clients can use on their own sites and apps.

This whole project really showed our core values in action: ingenuity, initiative, and collaboration. Every single team member had a hand in the site in one way, shape, or form. It was a combination of teamwork, great ideas, creativity, and dedication that made the site what it is now. We’re thrilled with and proud of the new website. But more than that, we can’t wait to see how we’ll be able to help amplify the impact of our clients with it.

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