Catholic Futures Foundation

Modernize the donation experience.
catholic futures foundation

The Challenge

An easier way to donate

The Catholic Futures Foundation of Northeast Nebraska is an organization that offers support to religious and educational missions of the Archdiocese of Omaha. The foundation manages funds for the diocese, its parishes, and schools. When the Catholic Futures Foundation came to us, they hoped to streamline their donation process. The primary way to make a donation was to select a fund and mail a check to the foundation. The Catholic Futures Foundation wanted to simplify this process by allowing users to easily find a fund and donate online through Blackbaud.

The Process

Improving the user experience

Our team quickly strategized the best way to improve the donation experience. In order to showcase each fund, we decided to create a fund post type that collected the fund name, number, location, beneficiary, and description of each fund. We then designed a template that highlighted this information in an eye-catching way. At the bottom of the template, we also dynamically embedded the Blackbaud donation form. That way, as users click on a fund, they can donate right on the page. A benefit of each fund having its own page is that users can save or send the fund URL. Adding these fund pages also helps boost the site’s SEO. The foundation is in a better position to answer relevant questions about a fund.

catholic futures foundation

The Impact

200+ funds calls for a filter

Once it was established that each fund would have an individual page, we created a fund hub page that could be filtered by category and title search. With over 200 funds, these filters would pinpoint the fund users are looking for.

The final result is a streamlined donation process. Users start at the hub page where they can learn about the fund categories, view available funds, and filter the funds. From there, users are able to view information about the fund and donate right on the individual fund’s page.

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