Columbus Suicide Prevention Services

Giving hope to those in crisis.
columbus suicide prevention services

The Challenge

A dedicated space to both give and receive help

When Columbus Suicide Prevention Services approached us, they needed a website that could help them do three things. First, it needed to quickly and easily direct people to call their Suicide Prevention Hotline if they were in crisis. Second, it needed to serve as a resource for not just those in need, but also for friends, families, and even mental health practitioners. And finally, since the hotline is completely volunteer-based, it needed to help them recruit and intake volunteers.

With people’s lives on the line, we knew we needed to approach this project with the utmost care and thoughtfulness.

And so we set out to build the most effective, efficient, and compassionate website we could.

The Process

Simple flow, compassionate messaging

After interviewing Columbus Suicide Prevention Services and reviewing their priorities and goals, our team determined the most effective product would be a single page website. This would minimize the amount of clicking that users would need to do, thus making it easy for everything to be found upfront. This is something that is especially important for people who may be in crisis.

Our content team came up with a flow for the site that would be simple, effective, and easy to navigate. Additionally, they wrote empathetic copy that would inspire users to action–whether that action be calling for help or reaching out to volunteer. Our design team helped with branding by designing a new logo and coming up with a new color scheme. Further, they were able to produce a beautiful website design that feels comforting and soothing, helping to create a calming experience for users.

suicide prevention services website

The Impact

A community resource for help

The final result was a powerful, informative website that’s easy to navigate and positioned perfectly as a resource for people to both give and receive help.

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