Highlights for Children

Providing support in a time of transition.
highlights for children

The Challenge

Engaging Audiences During Transition

Highlights for Children, whose magazine you might remember from those doctor’s office visits as a kid, has been helping kids grow, learn, and thrive for over 75 years. In 2022, the Highlights team needed support while they were looking to add to their social media team. Knowing the importance of their platforms and community, we partnered with Highlights to engage with their audience and promote their brand effectively on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

highlights magazines

The Process

Social Media Management and Community Engagement

With the use of Sprout Social, our team posted weekly content provided by the Highlights brand and content team. To capture the success of their social content, our team reviewed analytics and produced biweekly reports. This way, the Highlights social media team could feel in tune with how their posts were performing. On top of scheduling content, we also monitored their social platforms. In our engagement efforts, we responded to brand-related questions, flagged activity that did not align with community guidelines, and worked alongside the Highlights customer service team.

highlights instagram on mobile phone

The Impact

Making Meaningful Connections

In the end, Highlights continued to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. Overall, the partnership displayed the importance of social media engagement and how effective social media management can impact a brand’s success.

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