IDEM: Quality Assurance Project Plan

Streamlining complicated processes.

The Challenge

A need for a simpler process

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) helps scientists and environmentalists to conduct observations in the field. In order to do this, the EPA requires something known as a QAPP, or Quality Assurance Project Plan. IDEM offered these in a Microsoft Word document, which got lengthy due to the standards set in place by the EPA. The goal at Buckeye was to create an application that streamlined this process, while also providing a much better user interface.

The Process

An effective strategy

Our developers had to make sure we were creating something effective without overdeveloping a relatively simple workflow. We met with the client team extensively throughout the project to create an effective and efficient strategy. We listened carefully and heard the pain points and problems we needed to solve. Once understood, our team jumped into building solutions.

idem view

The Impact

An end product that's easy to use & manage

We created a product that’s both easy to use and easy to manage. The final product was a simple, easy-to-follow form that achieved the goals set in place.

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