Panoramic Strategy

Personalized design that molds to what you need.
panoramic strategy

The Challenge

Coming in with a game plan

Panoramic Strategy is a business partner that provides financial, strategic, and organizational change management to grow the impact of their clients. After partnering with them for the past few years, the next natural step was to work with them on their website redesign. Their team came in with a game plan. They knew the structure they wanted and had the copy in hand, but needed help piecing it all together.

panoramic strategy screenshot

The Process

Creating new templates

Our content and design team got straight to work on bringing these ideas to life. We created an interior template composed of common components that could be used across the site. From there, we molded the new template to each of the pages.

Using Elementor, we created a versatile and personalized theme that also focused on a custom design and experience. Elementor also helped cut down on the development required for the project. Throughout the site, we also incorporated movement across components, sections, and pages. By adding dynamic movement to the site, we were able to help Panoramic Strategy emphasize important information and elevate the user experience to a new level. Right before launch, we wanted to make sure we provided the Panoramic Strategy team with the resources they needed to be self-sufficient in managing their site. We held a website training with the team covering all of the basics and more customized areas of the website.

panoramic strategy computer

The Impact

Improved user experience with dynamic movement

In the end, our team was able to create a sharp and visually enticing design. As a result, Panoramic Strategy can use the newly designed website to grow their client’s impact.

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