Launch of the Innovation Exchange for the Village of New Albany

The Village of New Albany just announced the launching of the “Innovation Exchange”, a blog created to spread the word about initiatives and innovations that are already happening in the community.

Developed by the Buckeye Interactive team, the blog launched with a variety of stories, including a post spotlighting eProximiti, a startup business that alerts users to deals and promotions at nearby businesses via their mobile devices.

Our very own Brad Griffith was mentioned in the New Albany News today, below is a snippet from the article.

Brad Griffith, founder of Buckeye Interactive, the New Albany-based interactive marketing agency that designed the blog, said it will serve as a valuable resource for the local business community and a good promotional tool for startup businesses.

“As a business owner, I’m looking forward to getting on and seeing what other people are doing out there. That’s very valuable to me,” Griffith said.

It also will help spread the word about the amenities the village has to offer small businesses, he said.

Buckeye Interactive was founded in one of the New Albany business park’s “incubator” offices in 2009. Village staff members are excited to see the web developer giving back by building a site that will further the cause of other entrepreneurs, Chrysler said.

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