Meet the Bloggers of Buckeye Interactive: Sarah Davis

What is your position with Buckeye Interactive? 

Interactive Marketing Coordinator

What has been the most challenging aspect of your position at Buckeye Interactive thus far?

Adjusting to working full-time. I served 4 years in college and only worked nights, so it was a big adjustment starting my day at 8:30am.

Name your favorite in-office moment. 

I’d say anytime Noelle (our owner Brad’s daughter) gets to visit. She is full of laughter and fun. It’s been so great having the opportunity to watch her grow!

 If you could change jobs outside of your area of expertise for one day what would you be doing? 

Beach bum – I absolutely love the beach & would love to just lay around in the sand for a day with zero responsibilities!

What is your favorite Columbus “underground” place? 

Thurmans – It’s not so “underground” anymore, but I remember going there on dates with my dad with I was younger. We used to always attempt the Therman challenge and I have yet to complete it (which is probably a good thing).

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? 

Chipotle or Godiva Truffles.

Name your #1 Christmas wish-list item. 

A cruise/vacation to somewhere warm and maybe a fancy new notebook for work.. one that doesn’t require real pen (hint, hint).

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