Recap: Tori’s Copywriting Internship

As I finish up my sophomore year of college at Capital University, I am pleased to have spent my first internship as a copywriter for Buckeye Interactive from mid-December 2012 to May 2013.  Working my internship at a small agency was one of the best opportunities I could have received and taken.

Unlike many horror stories I have heard about various internships, I was provided many tasks and projects that I loved working on.  The Buckeye Interactive team was welcoming and just as excited for me to start working as I was.  They were extremely flexible in letting me work from school, trusting me to complete my work in efficiency and on time.  Even then I was excited to travel to the office once a week to work with everyone and have a weekly catch-up meeting with my supervisor, Sarah.  After being at the office for a few hours, I was always disappointed that I had to leave to attend class.

At the beginning, I didn’t know much about web development or design, but after some research, I knew I could write content for what they needed.  I’ve learned so much information over the past four months about startups, web development, web design, marketing, SEO, and what specific tools I need to write valuable content for a company.  Sometimes I still don’t know enough about what I’m writing, but Sarah is always there to answer questions and edit my content without getting angry or making me feel dumb.

I mostly worked on fun projects, such as press releases, our company newsletter, event planning, creative brainstorming, social media management, and client work as well.  With this wide variety of tasks, I was better able to decide what I enjoyed writing content for versus what I didn’t enjoy. Thankfully, most of it has been enjoyable.

Looking forward to working in an office is rare in today’s world ran my corporate companies, so I am happy to say I look forward to going to the office to work with my small but awesome team.  With an open office, there is no claustrophobia of cubicles.  We are able to bounce ideas off one another while listening to good music and going out to lunch together.

Brad did an awesome job choosing employees, personalities, and true team members to work for Buckeye Interactive.  I am excited to accept an offer to work full-time with them in New Albany this summer.  I even have my own desk now.  Thanks to everyone for making me feel like part of the team!

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