Spooky Fonts for Halloween

We’ve added more to our list! Check out our 2019 Halloween Fonts!

Halloween FontsWhere there is no imagination, there is no horror. — Arthur Conan Doyle


At this time of the year, we see an increased use in specialized fonts – starting with Halloween fonts. These types of fonts are popular because people like to link their event/promotion/idea with a specific holiday. Think about the emails that you have been receiving this month (or even the mailers that come to your physical mailbox) – many of them have probably been promoting Halloween sales and events. And they have possibly used a Halloween-themed font. You might have even received something using one of the fonts highlighted below!

You will see these fonts used mainly in email copy, images for emails and social media campaigns, or on printed materials, but you won’t see them used as a font on the main pages of a website – unless it is for a holiday-themed website such as Creepy Company.

Here’s our list of 10 Halloween fonts:

Butter Haunted

Death Branch

From the Dead



Jack Lantern


Lethal Slime

Mister Twisted

One Two Trees


We don’t recommend using these fonts heavily on your website. Where these fonts can really make an impact is on your website slider highlighting your Halloween sale or featuring your Halloween products. Specialized fonts used in these images will help that image jump out of the screen – so to speak.

There are hundreds of specialized holiday fonts. Here are a few places you can find free fonts:



And if those don’t offer enough options for you, check out our blog from last year.

May the creative – and spooky – spirit be with you!

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