Top 10 Free Horror Fonts

We update this list ANNUALLY! Check out our 2018 and 2019 Horror Fonts Lists!

top 10 free horror fonts

Good, free horror fonts can be hard to come by.

Whether using for seasonal-themed print collateral or in spooky email campaigns, having some awesome horror fonts at the ready can help inspire your inner ghoul (and result in a great final product!). Let’s do Halloween and all of the other spooky occasions right by having great fonts.

After all, this will be aesthetically pleasing to your target audience. I’ve compiled ten of my favorites, along with links to download each for free to try them out for yourself.

feast of flesh

Feast of Flesh


curse of the zombie

Curse of the Zombie: I absolutely love how this font gives off the vibe of a character in a film being cursed.



buried before

Buried Before


stronger back in the night

Stranger Back in the Night


ghoulish fright

Ghoulish Fright: This is probably my favorite one out of all of them!


blood of dracula

Blood of Dracula


skull and void

Skull and Void


tango macabre

Tango Macabre


bleeding freaks

Bleeding Freaks


grim ghost

Grim Ghost


As time goes on, I am hoping more free and cool scary fonts become available. I also understand that you may not like any of the ones listed above! Totally ok. If that’s the case, I recommend doing a Google search. This should bring up some other cool and current scary fonts that are available for use.

As always, we want your opinion! What are your favorite fonts to use for spooky occasions? Reach out to us and let us know! 

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