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This post is mainly for our WordPress users. But, if you are not a WordPress fanatic, let this be an inspiration for you to possibly switch over in the near future. A plugin is “an add-on for a program that adds functionality to it.” And as noted above, WordPress has over 50,000 free plugins for their users to install and use.

With this in mind, we rounded up the top 5 plugins we think every WordPress site should have. Take a look below!

1. Yoast for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the marketing world, we highly recommend using the Yoast Plugin for your SEO. It’s the perfect way to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck regarding leveraging your content. In Yoast SEO you can enter the keyword or keyphrase you’d like your post or page to rank for in the search results. We then run a check on your content to check whether you’re using the keywords often enough – but not too often – and in the right spots.Not only that, but you can also check how well your content’s readability is doing.

If it reads smoothly and easily – Yoast will tell you. If it needs some tweaking – Yoast will tell you. 


2. Grammarly for Grammar and User Experience

Going hand in hand with readability is grammar! For this reason we included Grammarly. While it is not specifically a WordPress plugin, it is a browser based plugin. Grammarly’s AI-powered products help people communicate more effectively. Millions of users rely on Grammarly every day to make their messages, documents, and social media posts clear, mistake-free, and impactful. ”

We always want to make sure we are communicating in a clear, concise manner.

It not only helps us communicate more effectively, but it also helps us create a positive user experience for our end users. Add this as an extension to your web browser to reap the full benefits of it.



3. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro for Layouts and Data Collection

This one goes out to our developers. The Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin comes highly recommended by our engineering team. Before we go into what it is, please keep in mind that it’s only useful if you have a developer on hand. If you don’t have a developer on hand, take a look below to see how we can help. Advanced Custom Fields is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to add extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build website’s faster and educate your client’s quicker.

ACF Pro is powerful enough to deliver a fully-customized experience for a developer and a user-friendly experience for the user.

It gives developers the ability to easily and rapidly implement custom layouts and data-collection.


Advance Custom Fields Pro


4. Elementor for Website Design

On the design side, we love all that Elementor has to offer. With over 2,000,000 active installs, it is one of the leading WordPress page builders.

We love Elementor because it takes the guesswork out of coding.

You can literally customize almost anything on your website and do so in a detailed manner. We also love that it gives us the ability to customize the positioning of shapes or images, add filters to images, and make really fun animations!

5. GravityForms for User Experience

From a user experience perspective, it’s important to understand that customers need to be able to engage.

It’s not enough to just have an informative site.

With that in mind, we highly recommend GravityForms. This has to be one of our favorites – hands down. We love using it for collecting information! More specifically, we love the conditional logic feature. We can show or hide fields based on user selections. This makes the user experience that much more personalized! And with personalized customer experiences increasing revenue and loyalty, we can’t think of a better reason to install this plugin.


Gravity Forms

Whew. We could go on! There’s Wordfence, Google Analyticator, Simple History – just to name a few more.

But all in all, these plugins are meant to make your site that much easier to manage and operate. If you would like some help installing these plugins, reach out to us! Or, maybe you saw something here that did not meet your needs. We can help in researching the best plugins for your site. Remember, we are here to help!

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