Updating Your Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are great, aren’t they? You purchase a system, set it up the way you want, and get to work. And then you forget about it. It becomes one of the many things you use on a daily basis that you take for granted.

That is, until something goes wrong or it no longer meets your needs.

When You Outgrow Your Legacy System

But first, what is a legacy system? It is a piece of hardware or software that was once widely used but can be replaced with something newer or updated.

How do you know you are outgrowing your legacy system?

Your business may be growing, you may be adding new services or partners, you may want to migrate to the Cloud, or you may decide to use your data to provide insight to business decisions. And your existing system(s) just may not be able to handle the next cool technology thing you want to achieve.

The inability to meet these needs could limit your company’s growth.  And maintaining legacy systems prevents business scale. 

There are a lot of moving parts when considering how to upgrade or update your business legacy systems while still keeping the business running. Eleven members of the Forbes Technology Council provide answers in this blog to keep your system updates running smoothly.

Things to Consider about Updating Your Legacy Systems

  •     Does your legacy system support current security issues? Decreased security is a concern because legacy systems may not be able to support the latest security patches and solutions.
  •     How much investment is tied to supporting legacy systems including development and maintenance costs?
  •     Do you need to customize integrations so that you can connect to new applications, trading partners or any Cloud-based technology?

If you are not sure what questions you should be asking to determine if you need to upgrade your systems, we would be happy to help! Please reach out to us. We can help you navigate what could be a difficult process to ensure that you upgrade in a way that is right for your budget and business goals.


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