4 Instagram Themes to Consider for your Business Account

Instagram hosts about 500 million active users a day. According to Forbes, Instagram is the 2nd most popular social media platform right now. Producing visual content that is aesthetically pleasing is the key to a thriving account. The main idea is to grab the attention of a target demographic and generate some kind of engagement. Instagram themes are a vital aspect that compel people to view or follow your page.

Now if you’re a beginner, don’t worry! There are several apps that you can download to help create the following themes. Plann, Preview, UNUM, and Planoly are among the top four apps to use. Some apps are free, but others provide different package deals that can cost between $6 – $10/month. Either way, these apps are a great way to guide your theme and to stay consistent.  

Instagram may be one of the best social media apps to use to market your business and build your brand. Take a second to consider how your profile visually connects to your audience. Is it dull or inconsistent? Are you a business looking to  increase your following or numbers of engagement? We advise that you consider these four Instagram themes to spruce up your account!

Instagram Themes to Consider:

Mixed White Border Theme

If this is your first rodeo with Instagram themes, using a mixed white border may be the simplest theme to maintain. The main idea of this theme is to use different white borders–pretty straightforward.  Although this theme is simple, you still should be mindful of the overarching theme of your page. The pictures on your profile should be consistent in some way, similar to this account here (@dantom).




Horizontal Line Theme

This theme is a nice way to create a flow throughout your posts. The idea is to post three similar pictures in a row. These posts can be quotes, similar event pics, or photos with corresponding color schemes. However you choose to post, again,  stay consistent in each row. (@personaljournalapp – Preview App)





Checkerboard Theme

Checkerboard theme has the same concept as the row theme, but it may be easier to maintain. Typically, on an actual checkerboard, each tile alternates between the colors black and white. The tile theme has the same concept as a board game. However, you choose two pictures that are similar in location, style, or color.  Take those two pictures and insert one picture that completely contrasts the others. Now, you have started your checkerboard theme! (@tarawagner – Preview App)

  • The most common version of this theme would be to post a decorative quote, a regular image, then a different decorative quote.

Puzzle Theme

This last theme is very cool indeed, but it can be the most time consuming. Because of this, you will want to plan ahead. The puzzle theme is a unique way to create a story one post at a time. It keeps your followers intrigued. Using one of the apps listed above will be your best bet. Your posts will need to blend and flow; prioritizing what to post and when to post is key. Our profile here at Buckeye Interactive (@buckeyeinteractive) is a great example of the puzzle theme.





These four themes are standard and the easiest to recreate and maintain. However, don’t limit yourself. There are far more themes out on the internet that will be a perfect fit for your company. It will definitely make your company profile stand out! If you’re looking for someone to maintain your social media and content for your business, start a project with Buckeye Interactive. We’re more than happy to help you capture and maintain your brand through original and engaging content!


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