5 Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

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We’ve all got our New Year’s resolutions – lose weight, be more active, save more money – but not all resolutions are for personal gain. Sometimes it’s good business to have a few resolutions for your company, as they give you something to shoot for during the year.

One area you can look to for goals to achieve is your social media. You may have found over the course of 2011 you’ve become complacent and developed a routine. This may not be doing you any favors! Let’s look at some resolutions you can make to change in 2012.

Happy New Year!

1. Utilize Search More

How often do you get a chance to really poke around in the public timeline on Twitter? People are saying some (relatively) interesting things out there, and you’re missing it if you’re stuck in your little circle. In 2012, resolve to search around and see what people are saying. You’ll no doubt find new customers, colleagues, and information sources just by poking around a bit.

2. Find More Info Sources

Speaking of more information, you probably find yourself looking to the same blogs and news aggregates every day. After a while, even though the info is good, your feed stands the chance of becoming stale.

Make a point in 2012 to branch out and seek out new avenues of news and opinion. While Mashable is a great source for all sorts of stuff, they aren’t the end of the Internet. Head out there and see what you can find – then share it!

3. Talk More

I know, this seems obvious. But often we get so caught up in what our company is doing that we forget to actually interact with people on social media – you know, what it was designed for? 2012 is the year to take SM back – and I don’t mean just talking to folks when they talk to you. Pay attention to what they say, ask them how their day is, offer advice when they’re in trouble.

4. Log Out, Log In

Which social media platforms are you currently using? Most of us would say the usuals; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. But there are a wide variety of platforms out there, and if you’re not on them, you’re missing out on potential customers and friends.

Did you know there’s a site called MyTransponder, designed specifically for aviation enthusiasts? Or that interior design lovers flock to Decorati to talk about feng shui and color schemes? Just because Facebook has the biggest numbers doesn’t mean the others are useless.

5. Write More

For some of you out there this may be physically impossible, as your fingers may fall off! However, if you’ve noticed a severe lack of posts on your company’s blog as of late, it’s time to pick it back up. If you have no time, hire out or contract a knowledgeable writer. Even one more post a week helps out – plus, it gives you more interesting things to discuss on Twitter, Facebook, and any new social media platforms you’ve joined!

What are your New Years Resolutions for your business?

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