What to Consider When Managing Multiple Websites

Many of our clients – such as libraries or government entities – must manage multiple websites for various branch offices or departments. If you’re responsible for many sites, you’re probably spending much of your day managing them. That means you’re not getting much else accomplished! 

There are a few things you can do to streamline your management efforts and become more efficient.

  •     Outdated websites: Are any of your sites outdated or not needed? Can you eliminate some of the sites you have? Can you eliminate or combine some of the website pages on your site? Eliminating or combining will make managing your site a lot easier. 
  •     Eliminate redundancy: Some of your websites may be accomplishing the same thing. Can you combine sites or even get rid of some? Or are some of the sites utilizing databases or information that can be combined in one place? Doing so would make the upkeep easier.
  •     Platform: Make sure that all sites are built on the same platform, preferably one with a dashboard from which you can manage all sites.
  •     Set expectations and prioritize: Not all issues are created equally – especially when you are managing multiple sites. You will have different demands from different departments or locations and you must learn to manage their expectations and prioritize your work. The person who is the most demanding might not have the issue that needs to be solved first.

Resources Considerations

What resources do you have to help you manage multiple sites? We suggest that your company have a website representative at each department or location. Their responsibilities could include collecting all edits, changes and updates for their website and getting them to the right person. They could be responsible for writing the blog or gathering the content for site updates. The goal is to have others involved in the site who can serve as your feet on the ground and support your efforts to keep all the organization’s sites up-to-date and fresh with new content.

 Do You Need Additional Resources?

We are here to help! Through a research-based process, we have helped many of our clients eliminate pages and sites, combine pages and sites and update pages and sites based on how visitors are currently using the site. Just reach out to us. We’d be happy to discuss your project and see if we can work together to determine the best way to manage your organization’s multiple websites. 

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