Buckeye Interactive to grow mustaches for men’s health

This November our office will be participating in Movember, a 30-day event where we’ll grow mustaches to raise awareness of and money for men’s health issues. Each gentleman must start Friday, November 1st, clean-shaven and over the course of the month grow a mustache that would make men like Nick Offerman, Sam Elliott, or Tom Selleck proud. We don’t expect it to be an easy month, but nothing worth doing is easy (except perhaps for delivery pizza, which is both easy and delicious).

This is the first year anyone at Buckeye has participated in Movember and, being the most facially-haired of the team, I’ve ended up the team captain. We’ve set a team goal of raising $1800 ($300/mustache) in donations by midnight on November 30th. You can donate to the team as a whole or donate to the individual team members. Your donations are tax-deductible (the Movember Foundation has 501(c)(3) status) and the money goes to LIVESTRONG-, Prostate Cancer Foundation-, and Movember Foundation-managed organizations.

Your 2013 Buckeye Interactive Movember “Mo’ Bros” are:

Joining us in our fundraising are our “Mo’ Sistas;” these ladies are our co-workers, wives, and girlfriends who, for better or worse, have to put up with our mustaches.

To raise money some of us are participating in a Mustache Auction – people can place bids on what kinds of mustaches we should grow and the mustache style with the most pledges at the end of the first week of November is what we’ll [try to] grow. Want to see Josh with a handlebar? Brad with a pencil-thin mustache? Make your pledges now!

We’ll be posting photos updates here, on Twitter, and on our personal Movember pages throughout the month.

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