Buckeye Interactive Movember Update: Week 3

It’s hard to believe there’s only one week left in Movember ’13; it seems like only yesterday we were clean-shaven, speculating what kinds of mustaches we’d be growing as pledges came in on the Mustache Auction. Some of the team mustaches are actually pretty impressive while others…well, some people just look better clean-shaven. We’ve stuck with it all month and raised several hundred dollars towards prostate and testicular cancer research, so that’s something to be proud of regardless of mustache thickness or consistency.

Buckeye Interactive Movember 2013 tropiesWe’re happy to announce our Movember closing ceremony/happy hour will be held from 6-8pm on Tuesday, December 3 at Creekside Local Cantina in Gahanna (home of the “Mustache Ride” margarita). We’ll also be awarding our Movember trophies at 7pm; who will take home the prestigious Best Fundraiser, Mustache of the Year, and Mo’ Sista of the Year awards? All are welcome to join Buckeye Interactive for our happy hour celebrating Movember, the mustaches we’ve grown, and the people in our lives who really had to try hard not to laugh.

Remember that you have until now and the end of the month to make your tax-deductible donation to Buckeye Interactive’s Movember team and help change the face of men’s health!

Oh, and as the Nick Offerman videos are something of a tradition now for these blog posts, please enjoy Great Moments in Mustache History:

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